Therapist Launches Top Rated Product that Jumpstarts Developmental Milestones for Infants

What looks like a rattle, is getting top ratings as a tool to help children reach important stages in their initial development. NogginStik is the first product released by newly launched company, SmartNoggin – brainchild of developmental therapist, Marcia Haut turned inventor now turned entrepreneur. Frustrated at not being able to find the right tool to use in her developmental assessments and therapy sessions with children who have special needs, Haut was left with no recourse but to invent her own. The result was a developmental tool disguised to look, feel, sound and act like a rattle—but with a powerful agenda.

A recent rating and review posted on the website AblePlay at, has given NogginStik their top rating (5 stars) in the area of cognitive benefits for children with special needs. AblePlay is a website sponsored by the nonprofit National Lekotek Center, a leading authority on play products for children with disabilities. This new product from SmartNoggin also received high ranking (4 stars) in their physical, communicative and sensory evaluations on the AblePlay site. (read full article)

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