Learning with Mom - Baby’s First Book of Sounds
Learning with Mom - Baby’s First Book of Sounds

The Foundation for Language and Literacy Begins at Birth…

SmartNoggin’s Baby’s First Book of SOUNDS™

Beginning day one, a baby’s brain is making neural connections that help them sort and store the sounds they hear spoken, read, and sung to them throughout their day. If a baby hears American English spoken to them in a caring and nurturing way, their brain stores the sounds produced in American English. These stored sounds become the foundation for future language and literacy. Each language has its own unique set of sounds, and in American English, there are 44.

SmartNoggin has developed a research-based board book with a powerful agenda… SmartNoggin’s Baby’s First Book of SOUNDS™ includes all 44 sounds of American English in a colorful board book that is ready to help start a baby on their language and literacy journey. This book allows your baby to hear each sound used in a word and then pronounced in isolation, with the goal of helping your baby’s brain strengthen the neural connections needed to speak and read in the months and years ahead. It even comes with a QR Code to the SmartNoggin website “sounds tutorial”, and a cute little teether to help strengthen baby’s oral motor muscles needed to begin making those adorable first sounds.

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