Rattle Toy: Do’s and Don’t of Buying a Toy Rattle

Guidelines for buying a rattle toy for baby 

If you find yourself shopping for a rattle toy, the selection of toy rattles is unending.  Buying babies first toys is so much fun for parents and family members.  There is so much to choose from when buying a toy rattle.  Toy rattles come in a variety of materials including silver plated monogram keepsake toy rattles, natural wood, fabric, and BPA free plastic ones.  The array of colors, features, and textures for a rattle toy makes them fun and stimulating for baby.  Here are the Do’s and Don’t of buying a toy rattle.

Do look for BPA Free Plastic – Make sure your baby isn’t playing with a potentially harmful toy rattle made out of plastic containing BPA. 

Don’t expect a baby to hold a toy rattle for the first couple of months.  When a baby is new, they do not yet have a grasping ability.  Parents can hold a toy rattle in front of a baby’s face to engage their attention.  This is an excellent way to build face recognition skills for a developing infant.

Don’t accept or buy hand me down toy rattles.  Some older rattles may have rough edges or feature plastic that is toxic.  Always buy new rattles toys for babies.

Don’t buy a rattle less then 2 inches in diameter.  Babies put everything in their mouths.  Check when purchasing a toy rattle that it is at least 2 inches wide so it doesn’t pose a choking risk.

Don’t buy a heavy rattle for a newborn child.  Beware buying a clunky, heavy rattle for a child who does not have the strength to properly hold it.  Parents don’t want to see their baby clunk their head by accidentally hitting it with a heavy rattle that is too big for them to hold.

Don’t buy a toy that may contain a choking hazard.  Look for toy rattles that don’t contain little beads which could come out or smaller parts that baby could chew off.  Also make sure the toy rattle doesn’t contain elastic which also could be chewed off.

Do buy an age appropriate toy rattle. Babies enjoy different stimulation and continually develop more fine motor skills as they get older.  Read the package to make sure the toy rattle you are buying is designed for the age baby you are shopping for.

Do buy rattles with teething features for older babies age 9 months and up.  Teething babies will appreciate a toy rattle that can be frozen to sooth irritated gums.  Also look for a toy rattle that has textures and bumps that feel good when baby chews on them. 

Do buy rattles that feature a variety of textures and colors to capture baby’s attention.  Toy rattles that feature bright colors, high-contrast design, and multiple textures will keep baby interesting and having fun. 

Do select a rattle that has interactive functions such as buttons, lights, and mirrors.  When babies get older, they get excited playing with toys that do something when they push, squeeze or shake it. 

Try These Guidelines When Shopping for a Rattle Toy for the Special Baby on Your Shopping List

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