Choosing a baby rattle: What to look for when buying a rattle for baby


3 Keys to Selecting the Perfect Baby Rattle for your Infant

Looking to purchase a baby rattle? These days there is a dizzying amount of rattles for baby to choose from in the baby toy aisle.  Parents want the best for the child.  There’s nothing more fun then watching your baby shake, jiggle, and play with a baby rattle.  But how do you know what look for when selecting a baby rattle?  Below are three things to look for

Rattle for Baby: Tips for Selecting a Baby Rattle

1) Is the baby rattle safe? Babies will shake, bang, and suck/chew on a baby rattle.  You want to make sure that a baby rattle is at least 2” in diameter so they can’t choke on it.  Also, check to make sure there are no sharp edges.  Plus, never accept a hand me down rattle for baby.  It may be worn and have chips, rough edges, or even parts that may break off and pose a choking risk.  Finally, make sure the rattle isn’t so heavy that they will hurt themselves if they drop it or bang themselves on the head.

2) Is the baby rattle age appropriate? Not all rattles are designed equally.  Some rattles may be for small infants (6 months or less) while other rattles for baby are designed for infants 1 year and up.  New babies will enjoy a baby rattle they can look at and listen to while a parent holds it for them.  Having contrasting patterns or bright colors or keep baby’s attention focused.  At age 3-6 months babies are able to grasp toys and love baby rattles that make noise.  From 6-9 months babies are developing the ability to master new fine motor skills.  With this increased dexterity, babys like toys that are interactive with buttons, music, and lights they can command.  From 9-12 months babies are actively teething and put everything in their mouth.  So make sure a baby rattle for a child this age can handle aggressive chewing. Check on the packaging to make sure the rattle is appropriate for your child’s age.

3) Is the baby rattle stimulating and fun? Look at the rattle to see if it has elements that will encourage baby to play.  Baby rattles that feature various colors, textures, sounds, and shapes add to the interest level for the child.  Interactive features such as mirrors, buttons, music, or lights make for nonstop fun.  Also look for function, such as if the baby rattle includes teething support to soothe your child’s irritated gums. 

Parents have the ability to introduce toys that not only entertain their baby, fun as serve as mental development helping baby reach key milestones.  A baby rattle can help baby develop tracking, face recognition, and focus.  A baby rattle can have the ability to enhance brain development through cognitive, physical, sensory, and communicative means. 

Hope This Helps You Find a Baby Rattle that is Safe, Age Appropriate, and Stimulating

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