AblePlay Awards the NogginStik their Top Rating

A recent rating and review posted on the website AblePlay at, has given NogginStik their top rating (5 stars) in the area of cognitive benefits for children with special needs.  AblePlay is a website sponsored by the nonprofit National Lekotek Center, a leading authority on play products for children with disabilities.  The NogginStik also received high ranking (4 stars) in their physical, communicative and sensory evaluations on the AblePlay site.

The AblePlay rating adds, “The original purpose of the NogginStik was to promote eye tracking, but this rattle-like product encourages other developmental milestones such as:  auditory attention, sensory stimulation, and grasping.”  What this product has to differentiate it from other rattles is hidden behind the friendly-faced rattle head–an LED bulb.  The AblePlay review goes on to note that, “…unlike a traditional rattle when tapped or shaken, a soft glow light changes colors between red, green and blue to stimulate the eyes and encourage visual attention.”

Where to Buy a NogginStik

Ellen Metrick, Director of Industry Relations and Partnerships at the National Lekotek Center heads up the evaluation process at AblePlay and adds, “We work with many large, innovative toy manufacturers but we also love to see individual inventors and encourage their distinctive contributions.” Key elements in the AblePlay review include these features:

  • Captures children’s focus and increases attention
  • Assists with the development of visual tracking–a critical pre-literacy skill
  • Provides tactile interest to touch and visual interest to look at
  • Helps children auditorily locate the sound
  • Enhances grasping and holding skills



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